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How To Write A High School Research Paper: The Essentials

Have you got this type of high school paper to write? If so, you’ll need to know the essentials of what makes a good paper. After all, you want to learn, impress your teacher and be proud of yourself - don’t you? The more prepared you are, the better your essay will be. So, here are those essentials on how to write a high school research paper, with everything you need to know.

  • Schedule
    Get organized! The more you can plan your time, the better it will be spent and the better your essay will be! You should create a timetable that you know you can stick to; making sure that you allow yourself plenty of time to devote to each necessary section.
  • Choosing a topic
    Before anything, you’ll need to choose a subject. You should select something that you’re interested in and which you know something about. The more passionate you can be towards a subject, the more this will come across in your writing- which can only help to engage your reader more.
    Make sure that whichever subject you choose, there’s plenty of source material for you to study and use.
  • Be sure to research
    A research paper is obviously highly dependent on evidence and information, so the more research you can do before you even think about writing, the better!
  • Create an outline
    Once you have chosen your theme, have completed all the necessary research and have made plenty of notes along the way, you should create an outline for your paper. Work out what you want to include and why. Make a rough structure so that you can visualize your essay before you start.
    The first part of your paper will be the introduction. You should include your aims and objectives, the purpose of the essay, the main sources you have used, and what conclusions you may come to. The introduction should be short and succinct and draw the reader in to wanting to read the essay.
    The body will present the issue at hand and the research to back up your findings.
    The conclusion will restate the objectives and purpose before going on to summarize the main points related in the main body. You should end by concluding your findings and present a call for action if it’s necessary for more research to be done before arriving at any firm conclusions.
  • Write a first draft and don’t stop there
    After you have written a first draft of your high school paper, you should re-read it and edit. The more time you spend re-reading and polishing, the higher quality your essay will be!

I hope those essentials have been helpful and best of luck!

What Is Research Paper?

A strong research paper is one that adheres to standard rules as used in the discipline or subject. Such a paper is written using the right vocabulary and mode of presentation. It also presents cohesion of ideas from the title to the introduction, body and conclusion.

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